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Aerodromes, including equipment, located in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, open to public use and which serve commercial air transport and where operations using instrument approach or departure procedures are provided, shall comply with REGULATION (EC) No 216/2008 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 20 February 2008 on common rules in the field of civil aviation and stablishing a European Aviation Safety Agency, and repealing Council Directive 91/670/EEC, Regulation (EC) No 1592/2002 and Directive 2004/36/EC and it’s implementing rule COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 139/2014 of 12 February 2014 laying down requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council . Personnel and organisations involved in the operation of these aerodromes shall comply with this Regulation. The acceptable means of compliance with their amendment 1 and the certification specifications (issue 3) are laid down in the Agency’s decisions ED 2014/012/R.

According to Article 8a §2 of the basic regulation a certificate is required in respect of each aerodrome. The certificate and certification of changes to that certificate shall be issued when the applicant has shown that the aerodrome complies with the aerodrome certification basis set and that the aerodrome has no feature or characteristic making it unsafe for operation. The certificate shall cover the aerodrome, its operation and its safety-related equipment.

For application of such a certificate, the Direction de l’Aviation Civile (DAC), as competent authority, has prepared a form, which shall be used by the aerodrome operator for application. Furthermore, some guidance material was developed by the DAC to assist the aerodrome operator in the certification process.

Aerodromes, including equipment, located in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and not falling under the regulation mentioned under point 1. Article 5 of the national regulation “Règlement grand-ducal du 13 mars 1993 refixant les règles de l’air et les dispositions auxquelles est soumise la circulation aérienne“ remains applicable. In order to get such a permit of operations, the aerodrome must comply to standards and recommended practises laid down in regulation “Règlement grand-ducal du 12 mai 2012 portant publication et exécution de l’Annexe 14, Volume I, à la Convention relative à l’Aviation Civile Internationale. “

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