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EASA Standardisation Inspections in EU Member States revealed the lack of harmonisation in implementation of Article M.A.901 Aircraft Airworthiness Review of Annex I to EC2042/2003 and the relevant AMC. The issuance of Airworthiness Review Certificate or Recommendation was then debated during Standardisation Meeting in Cologne.

The conclusions raised during this meeting are as follow:

  1. Airworthiness Review Staff should not classify non-compliances in accordance with the definitions in M.A.716 or M.A.905 (as Level 1 or level 2) as those articles give information about actions to be taken by the NAA against Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations or persons.
  2. Airworthiness Review "Findings" are defined as non-compliances which are known to endanger flight safety. All other remark shall not be classified as Airworthiness Review "finding".
  3. An Airworthiness Review Certificate may not be issued or recommended unless the Airworthiness Review Staff is satisfied that:

    the Airworthiness Review has been completely carried out, meaning a full documented review of all requirements for aircraft records listed in M.A.710 (a) and a physical survey of the aircraft that covers all requirements listed in M.A.710 (c),

    all findings raised during the Airworthiness Review have their corrective actions carried out and verified by the Airworthiness Review Staff and,

    there is no (further) non-compliance which is known to endanger flight safety.

  4. The Recommendation given to the NAA for issuance of an Airworthiness Review Certificate shall contain a list of all the findings made during the airworthiness review with the corrective actions carried out.
  5. If any on-going maintenance task(s) or check(s) was overdue at the time of the airworthiness review, that maintenance must be completed and released to service before an ARC or a recommendation can be issued regardless if the aircraft is in a controlled environment or not.

As consequence, DACL position is the following:

  1. Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations holding the privilege of Airworthiness Review are therefore requested to take into account those conclusions and amend their processes and procedures as necessary in accordance with the above mentioned conclusions.
  2. DACL will now, during audits, make sure that those conclusions are adhered to.
  3. DACL will not issue any Airworthiness Review Certificate based on Recommendations issued by appropriately approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation if there is no evidence of corrective actions to findings raised.

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