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Information for non-Luxembourg flight examiners in accordance with FCL.1015.(c)

Following the publication of Commission regulation (EU) No 245/2014 of 13 March 2014, and in order to be compliant with the requirements of FCL.1015(c), non-Luxembourgish examiners may find the relevant national procedures below. The following documents of the examiner have to be provided to our Administration: copies of the licence, examiner authorisation and medical certificate.

Examinations have to be conducted in accordance with our “Circulaires Ministérielles" Procedure DAC-LIC 111 and Procedure DAC-LIC 401, which you can find through the links provided. Report forms for check flights can be found on this website under "Formulaires" –>"espace personnel"

If you have any further questions, please contact the DAC Licencing Office through the following e-mail address: lic[@]av.etat.lu.

The Luxembourgish Authority will not be held responsible for liability issues. Examiners are recommended to obtain insurance covering liability and personal injuries.

Examiners are not allowed to carry passengers during checkflights.

Please note that examiners are not authorized to manually endorse new validity dates on Luxembourgish licences!

Please fill in the confirmation document below, and hand it to the candidate, together with copies of your licence, examiner authorisation, and medical certificate.

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