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Laser Illumination – Information for Pilots

Vers le niveau supérieur

Studies and Investigations on Laser targeting of aircraft have proven the danger to attacked persons.
Highly adverse effects have been encountered after exposure to green laser light (peak sensi-tivity of the human eye especially when dark-adapted, even by daylight – sunglasses!). The dif-fraction of laser radiation is very low and the output power as high as 1.000 mW. Therefore the distance for laser effects by a 5 mW green laser light (laser pointers for slide shows) are antici-pated to be dangerous up to minimum 12.000 ft (FL 120, approximately 2 NM).

The recommended actions checklist shall give guidance for in cases of sudden exposure to laser illumination to minimize the negative effects of laser radiation on the eyes health and to improve the capture of perpetrators. Furthermore the protection from negative effects of health problems of victims hit by laser beams (inflight incidents as results of flash blindness or afterimage, visual injuries and pain, blindness in extreme cases, including the social effects after temporary or permanent reduction of vision) shall be improved.

See below to find recommended actions checklist.

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