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> Accueil > Actualités > novembre 2016 > General conditions for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations within the Luxembourg airspace

General conditions for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations within the Luxembourg airspace

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Currently, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg does not dispose of a particular regulation for UAS operations within the Luxembourg airspace. Until such a regulation enters into force, all UAS operations will be treated under the existing rules for full-size manned aircraft operations.

Aerial work, using an UAS for commercial or private purposes, is covered by the existing regulation for aerial work. Therefore prior authorization has to granted by DAC.

Details about commercial aerial work can be found on the following website:

This administrative procedure has been put in place in order to facilitate UAS operations. The aerial tax of 619,73€ has only to be paid once per commercial operator for commercial UAS operations within Luxembourg airspace. Aircraft registration number, airworthiness certificates and pilot licenses do not need to be provided.

For any application (commercial or private use) the following form shall be used: SEE BELOW FOR UAS APPLICATION FORM

Please take note of the following recommendations

  • No general authorization is granted to UAS operators, as all UAS operation authorizations are mission specific.
  • A copy of the contract between the contracting entity and the UAS operator has to be added to the application.
  • The UAS operator / pilot must dispose of a signed authorization of the landowner, allowing him to perform UAS operations on his property.
  • No flights above 50 meters above ground are allowed.
  • No people, animals, railways or highways shall be overflown.
  • Any filming or photographing of people or private properties is strictly forbidden, without the explicit consent of the person or property owner (National Law of 11.08.1982 on protection of personal privacy and National Law of 02.08.2002 on processing of personal data).
  • No UAS operations are allowed in an area of 2 km around any heliport or aerodrome and in an area of 5 km around Luxembourg International Airport.
  • UAS operations are only allowed within the predefined working area box.
  • The working area must be clearly delimited from public access.
  • The UAS must be programmed not to leave the delimited working area box under any condition.
  • The UAS pilot must always keep direct eye contact with the UAS and land immediately on approach of any manned aircraft.
  • In case of any malfunction the UAS must immediately initiate a safe auto-landing manoeuvre.
  • All UAS operations have to be covered by a public liability insurance.

The applicant can request an exemption from those general recommendations by presenting a safety case demonstrating that an acceptable level of safety for other airspace users as well as for any third parties on the ground is still guaranteed.

In order to be able to recognize restricted areas for UAS operations, please follow this link: MAP

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