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Certification of ELLX-Airport

Vers le niveau supérieur

On December 19th 2017 M. Pierre JAEGER, Director of Civil Aviation, transmitted to M. Johan VANNESTE, CEO of lux-Airport S.A., the certificate according to Article 8a paragraph 2 of Regulation (EU) No. 216/2008 and the corresponding implementing rule EU No. 139/2014 for Luxembourg International Airport ELLX in presence of M. François BAUSCH, Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. The certificate was granted for a 4E aerodrome with a permanent extension for B747-8F aircraft and a RFF level of 9.

The transmission of certificate was the final step in a 3-year lasting process, where the DAC accompanied the aerodrome operator in its efforts to achieve a successful certification before the deadline of December 31st 2017. During that period the DAC was actively supported by M. Thomas LIEBERT and its team of experts from the Austrian Competent Authority. In September 2017, a team of up to seven auditors questioned over 1000 regulatory requirements in order to verify compliance of the aerodrome. During these audits, some findings were raised, but 3/4 of them could be closed by the aerodrome operator until end of November 2017. For the remaining findings, the operator could provide corrective action plans according to the regulation.

M. VANNESTE stated in its acceptance speech that the goal could only be achieved thank to the constructive collaboration of the Administration de la Navigation Aérienne, the Administration des Ponts et Chausseés, LUXAIR Services and LUXFUEL who traditionally perform different tasks at Luxembourg Airport.

M. BAUSCH highlighted the economic importance of the Airport on the Luxembourgian Economy and that the successful certification is a condition for the future development of the platform. He emphasised that the DAC is fully independent in their decisions and thanked them for their impartiality.

After transmission of the certificate, the ongoing oversight will start in order to continuously verify the compliance to the aerodrome with the certificate and the regulation. The next major challenge for Luxembourg-Airport will be the runway rehabilitation project, which was one of the conditions for the certification.Site internet picture

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