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Licencing FAQ

Vers le niveau supérieur


General :

1) Where are you and how can I contact you?

Our offices are located on the first floor of the Da Vinci Building at:

4, rue Lou Hemmer

L-1748 Luxembourg

(The red granite building next to the IBIS Hotel at Luxembourg Airport)


Phone numbers and e-mail addresses:

General Licencing Office address: lic@av.etat.lu

Ms Carole FLERES (Head of Licencing) : +352 247 74947 (carole.fleres@av.etat.lu)

Ms Adelina CHATS: +352 247 74944 (adelina.chats@av.etat.lu)

Mr Christian KIRSCH: +352 247 74986 (christian.kirsch@av.etat.lu)

2) Which languages do you speak?

All DAC Licencing agents speak Luxembourgish, German, French and English

3) What are your opening times

We are open from Monday to Friday, except on bank holidays, from 8:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:30

4) Do I need an appointment?

Yes! Please call or e-mail us in order to arrange an appointment.

5) How much do I have to pay for Licencing services?

The applicable regulation is the « Règlement grand-ducal du 28 juillet 2011 instituant la perception de taxes et de redevances relatives aux licences, qualifications et reconnaissance de licences du personnel de conduite d'aéronefs et du personnel d'entretien d'aéronefs. » which you can find here : (French only) http://legilux.public.lu/eli/etat/leg/rgd/2011/07/28/n13/jo

For further information, please consult the related Circulaire BL 2011-1 : Circulaire BL2011-1 Taxes et Redevances and its Annex 1: Circulaire BL2011-1 Annexe Taxes et Redevances

6) What is your account number?

IBAN: LU77 0019 3655 1997 3000


Account holder: ALSA S.A.

Address: 4, rue Lou Hemmer / L-1748 Luxembourg

7) What do I have to do if I have changed my address?

Please provide a current certificate of residence, issued by an official of your new hometown, or similar official document. Address changes are free of charge.

Pilots / Parachutists:

1) What is EASA?

(From Wikipedia.org)The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the European Union (EU) with regulatory and executive tasks in the field of civilian aviation safety. Based in Cologne, Germany, the EASA was created on 15 July 2002, and it reached full functionality in 2008, taking over functions of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries have been granted participation in the agency.

The responsibilities of EASA include analysing and researching safety, authorising foreign operators, giving advice for the drafting of EU legislation, implementing and monitoring safety rules (including inspections in the member states), giving type-certification of aircraft and components as well as the approval of organisations involved in the design, manufacture and maintenance of aeronautical products.

For further information, please refer to the EASA website: http://www.easa.europa.eu/the-agency/the-agency.

2) What is Part-FCL?

Part-FCL is Annex I of the “Aircrew Regulation”; Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 of 3 November 2011 laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The Aircrew Regulation is a European legislation regulating Flight Crew (Annex I, Part-FCL) and Cabin Crew (Annex V, Part-CC) Licencing, licence conversions and validations (Annex III), aero-medical examinations (Annex IV, Part-MED), Training Organisations, and FSTD operators (Annex VII, Part-ORA). Please find the latest version of the Aircrew Regulation here: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?qid=1433488330039&uri=CELEX:02011R1178-20150408

3) How can I revalidate my SEP(A)?

Please provide evidence of flight experience, or documentation of a proficiency check with an examiner.

For a revalidation through flight experience, please use this form: Request for SEP (A)/TMG Revalidation (FCL.740.A (b)(1)(ii)).

For a proficiency check, please use this form: Class/type rating/training/skill test and proficiency check form on.

4) I’m a holder of / applicant for a Luxembourgish licence, can I do training in another EASA Member State?

Yes! We accept all training done in a training organisation approved by an EASA Authority in accordance with the Aircrew Regulation. Please provide the following documents:

- Your training documentation (including recommendation for the skill test requested, if applicable),

- ATO and FSTD certificates,

- Copies of the instructors’ licences

- The examiner’s confirmation of our Information for non-Luxembourg flight examiners (nformation for non-luxembourg flight examiners in accordance with FCL.1015.(c)) and copies of their documents.

5) I’m a holder of a Luxembourgish licence, can I do a skill test or checkflight with a foreign examiner?

Yes! We accept all examiners certified by an EASA Member State. Examiners are required to read our Information for non-Luxembourg flight examiners (nformation for non-luxembourg flight examiners in accordance with FCL.1015.(c)) and provide the related confirmation, as well as a copy of their licence, examiner certificate and medical certificate.

6) I hold an examiner certificate in another EASA Member State, what do I have to do in order to conduct a skill test or proficiency check for a holder of a Luxembourgish licence?

Please read our Information for non-Luxembourg flight examiners (Information for non-luxembourg flight examiners in accordance with FCL.1015.(c)) and provide the related confirmation, as well as a copy of your licence, examiner certificate and medical certificate.

Please note that for Skill Tests, at least 48 hours advance notice to DAC is required. For Proficiency Checks, no advance notice is required.

7) How can I contact a DAC examiner?

You can find the list of DAC examiners here: Procedure DAC-LIC 401-1 - List of examiners

Please note that for holders of a Luxembourgish licence, a convocation by DAC is required for all flight examinations except those conducted within an AOC. In order to obtain a convocation, please contact the DAC Licencing Office by phone or e-mail (see above).

8) When do you hold Language Proficiency tests?

Please find this year’s schedule for Language Proficiency tests at the DAC exam centre here: Procedure DAC-LIC 203 Annexe 5 - Language Proficiency Assessment sessions .

If you would like to do your test in flight, you may contact one of the assessors from the following list and arrange a flight. Procedure DAC-LIC 203 Annexe 4 - List of language proficiency assessors for pilots

9) How can I sign up for a Language Proficiency test?

Please choose a date from the list, and send your application form to DAC at least one week before the desired date of the test.

Schedule: Procedure DAC-LIC 203 Annexe 5 - Language Proficiency Assessment sessions

Application form: DAC-LIC 203 Annexe 1 - Language proficiency revalidation and renewal in an exam center

10) I am a holder of a Luxembourgish licence and I did a Language Proficiency test in another EASA Member State, do you accept this?

Yes, we accept all Language tests done by assessors certified by the Authority of an EASA Member State. Please provide a copy of the assessor’s certificate with your test results.

11) I am a holder of a licence issued by another country, can I take a Language Proficiency test at the DAC?

Yes, but as there is no formalised mutual recognition for Language Proficiency, we strongly recommend to clarify in advance if our test is going to be accepted by your Authority.

12) How do I sign up for theoretical knowledge examinations?

Please use the form Demande d’inscription aux examen théoriques ULM,PLA,AER,PAR for ULM and parachutist examinations, and the form Request for participation in theoretical examinations for all airplane, helicopter, sailplane and balloon pilot examinations.

Applications must be introduced at least 10 working days before the date of the exam session, and signed by your instructor as well as a representative of the flight school (except for conversions)

For further information, please refer to our Procedure DAC-LIC 202: Procedure DAC-LIC 202 - Theoritical knowledge examinations

13) I have a question about the result of my theoretical knowledge examination

If you would like to review your results, please contact the Licencing Office in order to arrange a meeting. Your instructor and a Licencing Inspector have to be present.

14) How can I transfer my licence to Luxembourg?

Please find our forms here:

For airplane and helicopter licences: Application to change the state of issue of a JAR-FCL licence (jar-FCL 1.065(d)) or a Part-FCL licence to Luxembourg (transfer of licence)

For sailplane and balloon licences: Application to change the state of issue of a part-fcl sailplane or balloon pilot licence to Luxembourg (transfer of licence)

15) How can I transfer my Luxembourgish licence to another EASA Member State?

Please contact the Authority of the Member State you wish to transfer to.

16) How long does it take to transfer my license from / to DAC Luxembourg?

For transfers to Luxembourg, this depends on how long your former Authority takes to confirm the details of your licence. In general, you should allow for a month to complete the process.

For transfers to another Member State, we will usually reply to the query of your future Authority within 2-3 days of receipt.

17) I need a licence verification letter

Please send us a request by e-mail, indicating where you would like us to send it to. Please note that for legal reasons, DAC Luxembourg cannot establish a declaration of no accident / no incident.

18) How do I get a validation of my licence?

DAC Luxembourg issues validations in accordance with Annex III of the Aircrew Regulation for various activities. Please find the respective forms here, under the heading “Validations / Conversions / Transfers: https://dac.public.lu/formulaires/personnel/index.html

19) Where can I get a medical certificate in Luxembourg?

You can find the list of the AMEs certified for Part-MED medicals here: Part-MED AeMC et AME

The list of doctors for ULM pilots and parachutists is here: Liste médecins 1993

20) Where can I find the current forms for revalidation, renewal and skill tests?

Licencing forms may be found here: https://dac.public.lu/formulaires/personnel/index.html

21) One of the links on your website isn’t working

We apologise for the inconvenience. Please let us know via mail to lic@av.etat.lu. We’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.

22) How long does it take to obtain my licence / revalidated or renewed ratings in Luxembourg?

If you present yourself at the DAC offices with your complete file, we can usually issue your licence or rating immediately. For complete files received by post or e-mail, your request will usually be treated within a week after receipt, and send to your home address or your company.

23) Which flight schools are there in Luxembourg?

The following flight schools are currently certified in Luxembourg:

- AVIASPORT II – PPL(A) and related ratings

- Aeroplume – ULM licence and related qualifications

- Cargolux Airlines International – Airplane type ratings (B747 400), TRI(A), TRE(A)

- Cercle Para Luxembourg – Parachutist licence and related qualifications

- Cercle Luxembourgeois de l’Aérostation - Hot Air Balloon pilot licences and related ratings

- Cercle Luxembourgeois de Vol à Voile (CLVV) – Sailplane licences and related ratings

- Commune Aérostatique du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg – Hot Air Balloon pilot licences and related ratings

- Heli Luxembourg / CEFA - PPL(H), CPL(H), FI(H), helicopter type ratings (R22, R44, SA318/SE313, AS355, AS350) and other related ratings

- LUXAIR Luxembourg Airlines S.A.- Airplane type ratings (DHC8, B737 300-900), TRI(A), TRE(A)

- Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA) – Helicopter type ratings (MD900/902), TRI(H), TRI(A) (Learjet 45/75)

- Luxembourg Flight Training Academy (LFTA) – PPL(A), CPL(A), various Instructor certificates, ATPL theory, airplane class ratings (SEP(A), MEP(A), PC12) and other related ratings

24) Which kinds of licences can I get in Luxembourg?

DAC Luxembourg can issue all licences and certificates foreseen by the Aircrew Regulation, as well as national ULM licences and parachutist licences.

25) My licence was lost / stolen, what do I have to do to get a new one?

Please provide a “déclaration de perte” (declaration of loss) established by the Police or a similar Authority.

26) What is the difference between revalidation and renewal?

Revalidation: extension of a rating while it is still valid

Renewal: extension of a rating after it has expired. For a renewal, retraining and an Instructor Recommendation / Instructor Recommendation for Instrument Ratings are needed and a proficiency check has to be completed.

27) My rating / certificate has expired, how should I proceed?

For ratings / certificates which may be revalidated through flight experience or refresher courses: if all applicable requirements were fulfilled before the expiry, DAC Luxembourg will consider the request as a revalidation.

For ratings / certificates which require a checkflight, or if the requirements above were not fulfilled before the expiry, the renewal procedures have to be followed. For the renewal of class or type ratings, retraining and an Instructor Recommendation are needed before the proficiency check can be performed. For the renewal of an Instrument Rating, the Instructor Recommendation for Instrument Ratings has to be submitted before the proficiency check.

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