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Directives opérationnelles

Vers le niveau supérieur

The DAC has the possibility to react immediately to a safety problem which involves a product, person or organization subject to the provisions of Basic Regulation.
The DAC shall immediately notify the Agency, the Commission and the other Member States of the measures taken and the reasons therefor.
When the DAC receives safety information from the Agency including recommendations or corrective actions to be taken, the DAC will take adequate measures to address the safety problem according ARO.GEN.135 (Annex II to Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012):

  • If the information coming from the Agency is a recommendation, the DAC will send by e-mail this information to every organization concerned in order to be analyzed by their own Management System and to recommend them to take appropriate measures.
  • If the information coming from the Agency is a requirement, the DAC will issue an Operational Directive which will be mandatory to every organization concerned.

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